Supporting New Proposed Regulations for Senior Housing

Mayor Saffo and City Council Members,
Seniors and their families are extremely concerned about whether the council will pass the draft of the new Land Development Code as it relates to granny flats, backyard cottage, or what is known as Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU). Many in our group of seniors have learned about this housing alternative through the advocacy of AARP.
ADU’s success has already been proven in the backyards of Forest Hills. The concern that ADU’s merely add to the short-term market is not proven out. Durham where 75% of the ADU’s are built for owners’ parents. A survey of ADU owners in three Pacific Northwest cities with mature Accessory Dwelling Units found that 60% of ADUs are used for long-term housing as compared with 12% for short-term rentals (AARP| The ABCs of ADUs).
While it is recognized that “Accessory Dwelling Units” is only a partial solution for the housing challenges. Opportunities are limited by many factors including Home Owner’s Association (HOA) restrictions.
However, ADU’s play a meaningful role in offering an affordable, multi-generational, healthy neighbourhood alternative to the seniors in our community.


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